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Evan Raymond
An ambitious and on fire social media activist for the environment and clean oceans.  Responsible for the development of the national distribution of the PSA "Save the Oceans with The Beach Boys" to 1300 city websites and cable channels.

Susan Leonard
A successful talent agent and CEO of the Susan Lane Model and Talent Agency. A social genius when putting together all elements to  make objectives and personalities sail.

Michelle Leonard
Daughter of Susan Leonard, a honor roll student with aspirations of helping those in need with no pretense. She is looking forward to apply an education of social law for a more compassionate world.

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The Beach Boys

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mission & vision

Through education we can make a difference to stop storm-water run-off and air pollution.

our leadership team

A CEO of three multi-million dollar start-up technology companies, inventor with multiple technology patents, has devoted a life-time serving non-profit organizations including Catholic Worker, EarthSave International, Green Peace, and the Institute of Nutritional Education. Led social media campaigns that have reached over 200M media impressions.

Foundation GOALS

  1. 2015 - Establish a relationship with 1300 cities and their administration to help educate the public on the causes of storm-water run-off, air pollution, and remedies by the â€‹distribution of the Public Service Announcements (PSA) to the general public using celebrity to promote the social messages. 
  2. Reach One Million Views via city website links, city cable channels and other media distribution with viral entertaining videos and social media for a cleaner environment.

FRANK LANE, Executive Director

Our founder